Frequently Asked Questions

How can I dream cheaper?

How do I send my booking confirmation to DreamCheaper?
Simply forward your booking confirmation to [email protected]. That is all. Your job is done.

Where do I need to book my hotel, can I book with DreamCheaper?
You can book anywhere you want. We do not book for you but we process and track all bookings, no matter where you booked (at booking platforms, hotel websites, etc.). If you want to make a reservation we recommend

Which information do you need from me to start searching for better prices?
We simply need your full original booking confirmation email. This typically includes standard details like guest names, check-in and check out dates, the hotel name, room type, meal plan, cancelation policy and price.

How long does it take for you to set up my profile?
On days when we are experiencing enormous booking volumes it may take up to 24 hours for us to activate your profile. We’re constantly working hard to reduce this.

Which countries do you serve?
We are a truly global service, helping our customers from all over the world, no matter where their hotel is located.

What kind of bookings does DreamCheaper handle?
Basically, we can try to find better rates for all hotels — as long as the booking is flexible. In case you have special requirements (e.g. wheelchair, baby bed, etc.) please be so kind and tell us in the email you to forward us. We cannot optimize packages, for example when your hotel is combined with a flight. We also cannot (yet) optimize individual bookings for cruises or flights alone.

How many days in advance do I have to forward my booking?
The earlier the better, increasing your chances to benefit from significant savings. You can of course forward your booking at the last minute and we will always check to see if there is a chance to save you money.

Does DreamCheaper need my Expedia/ user ID and password or is the itinerary enough?
No, the itinerary is enough. We can start our search algorithms with the booking information from the email you forward to us. We will only ever cancel your initial booking once we have found you a better rate. In most cases we can do this without login details. If anything else is required we will be in touch.

How does DreamCheaper work?

Will you save me money on all bookings?
No. Some prices never go down and some hotels are often sold out. Therefore we are currently achieving savings for roughly two out of three bookings. So, you have a great chance to win some cash back.

How much will I save?
On average we cut rates by 15%. However there is no guarantee: some savings are only 3%, others as high as 60%.

Will DreamCheaper change my room preferences like bed-type?
No, never. The only thing we change is your price! Whenever any important detail like room/bed type would be modified we will always ask for your approval in advance. When we are able to upgrade your room, we will do so without asking as we assume you will appreciate this service in all cases.

Is there a risk of losing my booking?
No. We always place a new booking before we cancel your previous one. So, for a very short period of time you hold 2 bookings but you will always have a reservation.

Will my booking still be refundable after DreamCheaper optimized it?
Basically yes. We rebook to rates with the same cancelation policy. However, when the free cancelation deadline of your current booking is about to end, we might switch you to a lower fix rate at the very last minute and then the booking is non-refundable — but that would have been the same scenario with your previous reservation anyway.

Will DreamCheaper ask me before rebooking?
Yes, we will always ask for your approval before we rebook for you. We do not make any changes to the details of your booking (excluding price) without giving you the chance to choose if you would like to accept the offer — there is no risk for you.

Does the rebooking by DreamCheaper change my ability to accumulate nights or points with hotel award schemesas offered by Marriott or Starwood?
That depends. Some hotels link their perks to a certain way of booking. We know of these details and only change your booking if the saving is large enough to compensate these “perks at risk”. Example: your booking includes free wifi, worth 9.99 USD / day. In the case that we can cut your rate by 30 EUR / day we will do so as your saving by far exceeds the value of the wifi. We believe that real immediate cash-savings are better value than any virtual points you may or may not use at some time in the future.

How can I maximize my chances of getting the highest savings possible?
It’s simple: book with free cancelation and forward your booking as soon as possible. The rest is luck.

Where do I find my current voucher?
We always attach the new voucher to the email we send you to inform you about a new saving. The voucher can also be accessed via your profile at anytime. We recommend to have your voucher as PDF ready on your smartphone or as print out upon check-in.

All about the financials

How do payments work?
The first rebooking that we ever do for you, we will ask you to pay us our service fees (20% of your realised savings) before we rebook for you and generate your new booking voucher. The payment is done via our secure payment provider Stripe. Every subsequent payment (if any), we can charge our service fees via the payment information you had entered before.

Does DreamCheaper store my credit card details?
No. We do not store your credit card details on our servers. We process all our payments via our secure payment partner Stripe.

How does DreamCheaper place a new booking in my name without my credit card?
By accepting our terms & conditions when you set up your profile, you allow us to act on your behalf. This allows us to place bookings in your name. We secure them with our credit card.

Which currencies does DreamCheaper work with?
We can process bookings placed in any currency.

How does it work if I have already paid for my booking?
As long as your booking can be canceled free of charge there is no risk. Your prepaid money will be sent back by the booking platform. This takes 2-10 days.

How and when will I pay the hotel?
This depends on where your final booking will be placed. Sometimes you can pay in person at the hotel upon checkout, sometimes the hotel is prepaid. The final voucher clearly shows which type your booking is.

How do I pay for your commision on the savings?
We charge the cost for the hotel together with our savings. You can easily pay with your credit card via our secure payment provider.

Will DreamCheaper return the service fee if I cancel my booking?
Of course! If you cancel your booking anytime before the free cancelation date, we will fully refund you the service fees that you have paid to us along with your hotel pre-payment (if any).

How to access my bookings

How can I cancel my booking?
If we haven’t rebooked for you yet, you can simply go ahead cancel it without us. Please do let us know immediately however so that we can stop searching for better prices.
In case we’ve already rebooked for you, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.

How can I modify my booking after you have optimized it?
Just send your request to [email protected] and we will take care of it.

Can I still modify my booking after I have forwarded it to you?
Yes, as long as the free cancelation deadline has not yet passed. You find the deadline on your voucher and also in your online profile at In case you modify the initial booking, please make sure to always send us the updated data immediately.

Where can I find my voucher?
We always send your voucher together with the mail informing you about a saving. The voucher can also always be found in your online profile at